Commerce Minister urges Saudi financiers’ investment


Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed urged the investors of Saudi Arabia to invest in the country

Updated on : 13-02-2018

Commerce Minister urges Saudi financiers’ investment

Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed on Tuesday urged the investors of Saudi Arabia to invest in the country.

The minister made the plea during a meeting with Saudi Business delegation led by Moshabab Abdullah Alkatani, executive president of International Marketing Investment Company Group Limited of Saudi Arabia, at the secretariat in the morning while Finance Minister AMA Muhith was also present.

Tafail said, “Saudi can get tax-and quota-free import prospect by investing in Bangladesh. We have one hundred economic zones where Saudi can invest; we shall provide them assistance and all kinds of support.”   

Meanwhile, the Finance Minister AMA Muhith said, “We (Saudi-Bangladesh) have completed enough agreements, now we are expecting expansion of trade between the two friendly countries.
“We are hoping that the trade agreements between the countries should be structural which can lead to more expansion and bring diversification in future”, he continued

(Courtesy: The Independent)

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