Legal Document

Title: Fish Feed and Animal Feed Act-2010 (Article 6)
Type: Rules
Issuing Agency: Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock
Issuing Date: 01-01-2015



Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock

Fish Food and Animal Food Act – 2010 (Article 6)


On verification that the applicant has fulfilled all criteria applicable to the production, processing, importing, exporting, distribution, sale or transporting fish or animal food;  Ministry shall issue a license to fish food and animal food import that  applicant by charging due fee according to the rule-8 within 30 days of application.


 If the authority finds the application not sufficient, it can provide the applicant with a 30-day window for fulfilling the unmet condition.

If the applicant can meet all requirements accordingly, the authority will issue the license within the next 15 days.

If the applicant fails to meet the condition within the extended application period and the authority feels that s/he won’t be able to fulfill the criteria, then it will cancel the application and will inform the applicant within next 15 days. 

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