Sl.No Tilte of the Document Type of Document Issuing Authority Uploaded Date (dd/mm/yyy)
135 New enrollment and license renewal Notice BEPZA 27/01/2021
134 Application for participation in the 42nd International Exhibition on Environment Technology & Green Energy on July 08-10, 20221. Notice EPB 27/01/2021
133 Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) reduces iodine price News BSS 27/01/2021
132 LC opening timeframe for rice import by private sector extended till Jan 31 News BSS 27/01/2021
131 DFIM Circular Letter No. 01: Regarding Abolition of Requirement to use the General Seal of the Company. Circular Bangladesh Bank 27/01/2021
130 SFD Circular No. 02: Refinance Fund for Technology Development/Up-gradation of Export Oriented Industries Circular Bangladesh Bank 27/01/2021
129 SMEDP-2 Circular Letter No. 02: Enhancement of Refinance Ceiling and Working Capital Limit under SMEDP-2 Circular Bangladesh Bank 17/01/2021
128 BRPD Circular Letter No. 06: Financial stimulus package to mitigate probable economic impact due to breakout of Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) Circular Bangladesh Bank 17/01/2021
127 MoU signed between Sonali Bank and CCI&E to simplify trade News BSS 12/01/2021
126 Fair Technology to set up Hyundai car manufacturing plant in Bangladesh News BSS 12/01/2021
125 SMESPD Circular Letter No. 01: Special loan/investment facility of BDT20,000 crore provided to CMSME sector affected by Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic. Circular Bangladesh Bank 12/01/2021
124 BRPD Circular Letter No. 02: Regarding Transfer of Jute Sector Outstanding Loans to Block Account. Circular Bangladesh Bank 12/01/2021
123 BRPD Circular No. 01: Special Facilities for Institutions of Leather Sector which are Relocated to Tannery Industrial Estate at Savar Circular Bangladesh Bank 12/01/2021
122 Fisheries and Fisheries Products (Inspection and Quality Control) Act, 2020 Law Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock 3/01/2021
121 Rice import duty reduced to 25 percent News BSS 3/01/2021
120 Bangladesh to become 25th largest global economy by 2035: CEBR News BSS 3/01/2021
119 BEPZA inks lease agreement virtually with Chinese company News BSS 3/01/2021
118 ACD Circular Letter No. 03: Refinance scheme of 5000 crore taka for providing working capital in agriculture sector due to break-out of Novel Corona Virus. Circular Bangladesh Bank 3/01/2021
117 Extension of the term of the Executive Council of all the licensed organizations of the Ministry of Commerce and the election program by announcing the new schedule Notice Ministry of Commerce 3/01/2021
116 Bangladesh seeks 5-year trade facility from Sweden after LDC graduation: Tipu News BSS 24/12/2020
118 FEPD Circular No. 53: Discontinuation of submission of Returns/Statements to Bangladesh Bank Circular Bangladesh  Bank 24/12/2020
117 FEPD Circular No. 52: Business-to-Consumer export through sales orders received on internet. Circular Bangladesh  Bank 24/12/2020
116 FEID Circular Letter No. 02: Addendum for the Operating Guidelines for Two-Step Loan (TSL) Component of Foreign Direct Investment Promotion Project (FDIPP) in Bangladesh. Circular Bangladesh  Bank 24/12/2020
115  BRPD Circular Letter No. 57: Abolition of requirement to use the general seal of the Company. Circular Bangladesh  Bank 20/12/2020
114 Notice of General Meeting and Election Ceremony of the Licensed Ministry of Commerce Notice Ministry of Commerce 13/12/2020
117 Bangladesh today entered into an era of duty-free bilateral trade through signing its maiden Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA) with Bhutan which is expected to boost trade between the neighbouring countries News Bangladesh  Bank 13/12/2020
116 FE Circular No 40: In the context of providing cash assistance as opposed to sending remittances in a legal way Circular Bangladesh  Bank 10/12/2020
115 FE Circular No. 49: Relaxation of foreign exchange regulations for trade transactions – extended facilities Circular

Bangladesh  Bank

114 FE Circular No.48 : Collection of Demurrage, Detention, Handling or equivalent charges by the foreign shipping lines/their agents for calculation of their remittable surplus Circular Bangladesh Bank 10/12/2020
113 SMESPD Circular Letter No. 13: Special loan/investment facility provided to CMSME sector affected by Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic Circular Bangladesh Bank 03/11/2020
112 DFIM Circular Letter No. 06: Regarding Loan/Lease/Advance Classification for Financial Institutions. Circular Bangladesh Bank 03/11/2020
111 BRPD Circular Letter No. 53: Enhancement of working capital facilities under stimulus packages for industrial and service sector companies affected from the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) outbreak Circular Bangladesh Bank 03/11/2020
110 FE Circular Letter No. 38: Temporary accounts for foreign investment in Export Processing Zones (EPZs) and Economic Zones (EZs) Circular Bangladesh Bank 01/11/2020
109 FE Circular No. 47: Interest rate on borrowing from Export Development Fund (EDF) Circular Bangladesh Bank 01/11/2020
108 FE Circular No. 46: Import of Gold Jewellery Circular Bangladesh Bank 01/11/2020
107 FEPD Circular No. 45: Submission of Application for Export subsidy/Cash incentive Circular Bangladesh Bank 21/10/2020
106 S.R.O. No. 26-Act / 2020/116 / Customs SROs NBR 20/10/2020
105 S.R.O. No. 180-LAW/ 2020/120 / VAT SROs NBR 19/10/2020
104 S.R.O. No. 179-LAW/ 2020/119 / VAT SROs NBR 18/10/2020
103 S.R.O. No. 194-Act / 2020/104 / Customs-   Bonded warehouse-linc rules amend SROs NBR 14/10/2020
FEPD Circular No. 41: Repatriation of royalty, technical know-how and technical assistance fees of industrial enterprises in Domestic Processing Areas (DPAs) of Economic Zones (EZs)
Circular Bangladesh Bank 14/10/2020
FEPD Circular No. 42: Waiver of quarterly repayments against imports permissible under supplier's/buyer's credit
Circular Bangladesh Bank 14/10/2020
FEPD Circular Letter No. 37: 0.03% of the total export value will be deducted by Lien Bank from all the LCs to be cashed in Lien Bank of various industries of 100% export oriented readymade garment industry by Soni Bank Ltd.
Circular Bangladesh Bank 14/10/2020
FEPD Circular No. 44: Refinancing for imports against usance back to back LCs
Circular Bangladesh Bank 14/10/2020
FEPD Circular No. 43: Relaxation of foreign exchange regulations for trade transactions - extended facilities.
Circular Bangladesh Bank 14/10/2020
97 BRPD Circular Letter No. 50: To include all industries of BEZA/BEPZA/Hi-Tech Park under stimulus packages declared by the Government due to breakout of Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) Circular Bangladesh Bank 04/10/2020
96 FEPD Circular Letter No. 36: Cash incentive against wage earners' remittances sent through legal channels Circular Bangladesh Bank 04/10/2020
95 FE Circular no. 40: Use of international cards for travels outside Bangladesh Circular Bangladesh Bank 30/09/2020
94 FE Circular no. 34: In the context of providing cash assistance as opposed to sending remittances in a legal way Circular Bangladesh Bank 30/09/2020
93 FEPD Circular No. 39: Regarding the provision of export incentives / cash assistance against exports in the financial year 2020-2021 Circular Bangladesh Bank 23/09/2020
92 FEPD Circular Letter No. 33: Appointment of Audit firm for Cash incentive/Export subsidy in textile and other sectors Circular Bangladesh Bank 23/09/2020
91 FEPD Circular No. 38: Import of Onion on deferred/usance basis Circular Bangladesh Bank 23/09/2020
90 FEPD Circular Letter No. 32: Use of international cards (ICs) for online payments - clarification Circular Bangladesh Bank 22/09/2020
89 BRPD Circular Letter No. 46:L/C Margin for Onion Import. Circular Bangladesh Bank 22/09/2020
88 FE Circular No. 37: Transfer of remunerations to Foreign Currency (FC) accounts in the names of foreign nationals employed in exporting companies in Bangladesh Circular Bangladesh Bank 17/09/2020
87 In the context of providing cash assistance as opposed to sending remittances in a legal way Circular Bangladesh Bank 17/09/2020
86 In the context of renewal of registration certificate Notification EPB 17/09/2020
85 Remittance of surplus earnings by foreign airlines operating in Bangladesh Circular Bangladesh Bank 17/09/2020
84 Export subsidy for SME in textile/RMG sectors Circular Bangladesh Bank 10/09/2020
83 Refinance Scheme for Pre-Shipment Credit to Mitigate the Crisis due to Novel Coronavirus  Circular Bangladesh Bank 10/09/2020
82 Export Development Fund (EDF) - relaxation Circular Bangladesh Bank 10/09/2020
81 Policy on Business Expansion and Facilitation in the Readymade Garment Sector 2020 Policy Ministry of Commerce 31/08/2020
80 Order regarding the amendment of the definition of CKD in case of import of jeeps in detached condition Order NBR 31/08/2020
79 Notification on Policy on duty and tax exemption for import of industrial plants, machinery or capital equipment and parts Notification NBR 31/08/2020
78 137-AIN/2020/88/Customs SRO (New) related to Regulatory Duty SRO NBR 31/08/2020
77 136-AIN/2020/87/Customs SRO (New) related to Bonded-Warehouse-Rules SRO NBR 31/08/2020
76 135-AIN/2020/86/Customs SRO (New) related to Tariff Value and Minimum Value SRO NBR 31/08/2020
75 134-AIN/2020/85/Customs SRO (New) related to BEPZA Other Goods SRO NBR 31/08/2020
74 133-AIN/2020/84/Customs SRO (New) related to CNG Coversion Kit SRO NBR 31/08/2020
73 132-AIN/2020/83/Customs SRO (New) related to Oil Gas SRO NBR 31/08/2020
72 131-AIN/2020/82/Customs SRO (New) related to Compressor Manufacturing SRO NBR 31/08/2020
71 130-AIN/2020/81/Customs SRO (New) related to Ship Machinery Equipment SRO NBR 31/08/2020
70 129-AIN/2020/80/Customs SRO (New) related to Agriculture Machinery SRO NBR 31/08/2020
69 128-AIN/2020/79/Customs SRO (New) related to poulty feed SRO NBR 31/08/2020
68 126-AIN/2020/77/Customs SRO (New) related to LPG Cylinder SRO NBR 31/08/2020
67 127-AIN/2020/78/Customs SRO (New) related to Active Pharmaceutical Ingredidient (API) SRO NBR 31/08/2020
66 125-AIN/2020/76/Customs SRO (New) related to Computer and Computer Accessories SRO NBR 31/08/2020
65 124-AIN/2020/75/Customs SRO (New) related to Fire Fighting SRO NBR 31/08/2020
64 123-AIN/2020/74/Customs SRO (New) related to Cellular Phone SRO NBR 31/08/2020
63 122-AIN/2020/73/Customs SRO (New) related to Capital Machinery SRO NBR 31/08/2020
62 121-AIN/2020/72/Customs SRO (New) related to industrial raw materials SRO NBR 31/08/2020
61 120-AIN/2020/71/Customs Furnace Oil Cancellation Related SRO SRO NBR 31/08/2020
60 156-AIN/2020/117-VAT Cancelation of SRO NO-321-AIN/2019/83/Mushak SRO NBR 31/08/2020
59 155-AIN/2020/116-VAT SRO regarding SD Exemption SRO NBR 31/08/2020
58 Bangladesh Investment Handbook- A Guide for Investors Publication BIDA 27/08/2020
57 SRO No. 107-Act / 2020 - One Stop Service (Bangladesh Investment Development Authority) Rules, 2020 SRO BIDA 25/08/2020
56 Regarding the extension of the age limit of Registered Exporter System (REX) by the European Commission considering the COVID-19 epidemic situation Announcement EPB 25/08/2020
55 Applications are invited to participate in the Foodex Saudi-2020 Jeddah, KSA Fair to be held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on 9-12 November 2020. Announcement EPB 25/08/2020
54 Participate in the Heimtextil-2021 fair to be held on January 12-15, 2021 in Frankfurt, Germany Announcement EPB 23/08/2020
53 154-AIN/2020/115-VAT Amendment of VAT Exemption regarding Mobile Phone Manufacturing SRO NBR 20/08/2020
52 152-AIN/2020/113-VAT Amendment of Value Added Tax Consultant (License) Rules SRO NBR 20/08/2020
51 151-AIN/2020/112-VAT Amendment of SRO regarding Advantage Tax SRO NBR 20/08/2020
50 150-AIN/2020/111-VAT Amendment of VAT Exemption SRO regarding Sanitary Napkin and Diaper Manufacturing SRO NBR 17/08/2020
45 149-AIN/2020/110-VAT Instruction of VAT Deduction at Source SRO NBR 17/08/2020
44 148-AIN/2020/109-VAT Amendment of VAT and SD (Fair Market Price) Rules, 2019 SRO NBR 17/08/2020
43 147-Act / 2020/108-VAT-SRO regarding fixing of retail price of bidis. SRO NBR 17//08/2020
42 146-AIN/2020/107-VAT-Amendment of Instruction for usage of Biri Banderol SRO NBR 17/08/2020
41 145-AIN/2020/106-VAT -Amendment of Instruction for usage of Cigarette Stamp/Banderol SRO NBR 17/08/2020
40 144-AIN/2020/105-VAT SRO regarding VAT Exemption SRO NBR 17/08/2020
39 143-AIN/2020/104-VAT SRO regarding change of Excise Duty SRO NBR 17/08/2020
38 BEZA plans 15-year tax holiday for technology transfer News BSS 16/08/2020
37 Participated in the 11th edition of Shanghai Private Label Fair, Shanghai, China. Announcement EPB 16/08/2020
36 Participate in the “Gulfood 2021” fair to be held in Dubai on February 21-25, 2021. Announcement EPB 16/08/2020
35 Applications are invited to participate in the Virtual Fair of Men's Apparels Guild in California, (MAGIC), Las Vegas, USA from September 15 to December 15, 2020 in USA. Announcement EPB 16/08/2020
34 Regarding the participation in the fair title "Fashion World Tokyo" to be held on October 26-27, 2020 in Tokyo, Japan Announcement EPB 16/08/2020
33 FEPD Circular No. 25: Export under open account credit terms against payment undertaking/payment risk coverage with option of early payment arrangement on non-recourse basis Circular Bangladesh Bank 16/08/2020
32 FE Circular No. 32: Deposit products for Non-Resident Bangladeshis (NRBs) working abroad Circular Bangladesh Bank 16/08/2020
31 ACD Circular Letter No. 01: Strengthening agricultural loan disbursement among the three hill tract people of country. Circular Bangladesh Bank 16/08/2020
30 FE Circular Letter No. 28: Working capital loans from abroad by foreign owned/controlled companies Circular Bangladesh Bank 16/08/2020
29 SMESPD Circular No. 03: Credit Guarantee Scheme for Cottage, Micro and Small Enterprises Circular Bangladesh Bank 16/08/2020
28 FEPD Circular Letter No. 22: Issuance of letters of credit (LCs) with realization clause Circular Bangladesh Bank 16/08/2020
27 FEPD Circular Letter No. 23: Transactions against local deliveries in foreign exchange Circular Bangladesh Bank 16/08/2020
26 FEPD Circular No. 23: Discounting of direct and deemed export bills in foreign exchange out of own sources Circular Bangladesh Bank 16/08/2020
25 FEPD Circular Letter No. 24: Statutory business target for licenced Money Changers (MCs) Circular Bangladesh Bank 16/08/2020
24 FEPD Circular No. 24: Transfer of remunerations to Foreign Currency (FC) accounts in the names of foreign nationals employed in admissible companies in Bangladesh Circular Bangladesh Bank 16/08/2020
23 FEPD Circular Letter No. 25: Settlement of payment against inland LCs in foreign exchange Circular Bangladesh Bank 16/08/2020
22 FEPD Circular No. 25: Export under open account credit terms against payment undertaking/payment risk coverage with option of early payment arrangement on non-recourse basis Circular Bangladesh Bank 16/08/2020
21 FEPD Circular No. 26: Transactions relating to foreign direct investment in Bangladesh Circular Bangladesh Bank 16/08/2020
20 FEPD Circular No. 27: Export subsidy against the export of Light engineering products in advance TT. Circular Bangladesh Bank 16/08/2020
19 FEPD Circular Letter No. 26: Access to finance from domestic sources against overseas guarantees Circular Bangladesh Bank 16/08/2020
18 FEPD Circular No. 29: Remittances of dividend to non-resident shareholders Cicular Bangladesh Bank 16/08/2020
17 FEPD Circular No. 28: Disposal of IMP Form after matching with bill of entry (B/E) electronically Circular Bangladesh Bank 13/08/2020
16 FEPD Circular No. 30: Relaxation of foreign exchange regulations for trade transactions - extended facilities Circular Bangladesh Bank 13/08/2020
15 FEPD Circular No. 31: Outward remittances on account of shipment tracking charges Circular Bangladesh Bank 13/08/2020
14 FEID Circular Letter No. 01: Transfer of shares and repatriation of sales proceeds of shares in favor of non-residents in private/public limited companies not listed with stock exchanges. Circular Bangladesh Bank 13/08/2020
13 The newly formulated Agricultural & Rural Credit Policy and Program for the FY 2020-2021 Circular Bangladesh Bank 13/08/2020
12 ACD Circular No. 4: Agriculture loan facility for the flood affected farmers. Circular Bangladesh Bank 13/08/2020
11 Public Notice Regarding Import of Old Cloth Notice CCIE 12/08/2020
10 In the context of renewal of export registration certificate Circular EPB 12/08/2020
9 Circular regarding Non-Textile Registration 2020-21- EPB Circular EPB 12/08/2020
8 Tipu for taking advantage of post-COVID-19 trade News Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS) 11/08/2020
7 Decrease in the Customs Duty for FY 2020/21 SROs NBR 28/07/2020
6 Increase in the Customs Duty for FY 2020/21 SROs NBR 28/07/2020
5 SMESPD Circular No. 01:  Due to outbreak of novel corona virus(COVID-19) In the context of special loan /investment facilities for the CMSME sector Circular Bangladesh Bank 28/07/2020
4 FEPD Circular No. 21: Enhancement of loan limit from Export Development Fund (EDF) Circular Bangladesh Bank 28/07/2020
3 PSD Circular Letter No. 10: About charges to be applied for "Cash out" of the salaries of workers of export oriented industries Circular Bangladesh Bank 28/07/2020
2 SROs 142-AIN/2020/103-VAT Amendment of Value Added Tax and Supplementary Duty Tax, 2016 SRS NBR 28/07/2020
1 Salient features of the proposed reforms in income tax in the budget 2020-21 SRS NBR 28/07/2020






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