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Procedure NameEU approval ( For exporting Fish and Fish Products to EU countries)

Category                                                          : Approval   

Renewal Frequency of the License          : Not applicable   

Issuing Agency                                              : Directorate General, Health & Consumers, EU Commission


Incumbent Office 
Name: Department of Fisheries (DOF), Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock
Address: 13, Sohid Captain Monsur Ali Sharani, Matshya Bhaban
                Ramna, Dhaka-1000
Phone: +88-02-9562861
 Fax: +88-02-9568398  


Legal Basis of the certificate: Fish and Fish Products (Inspection and Quality Control) Rules 1997

Issuance of EU Approval  


Required documents



Application in Company’s Letter Head Pad requesting for EU Approval



License from DOF  

A copy of original duly attested by a First Class gazette officer


Process Steps

Step 1

Applicant applies for EU Approval to the Director General of Department of Fishers.  

Step 2

Fish Inspection and Quality Control (FIQC), DOF process the Application.   

Step 3

EU Approval Committee earlier formed in Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock conducts inspection.   

Step 4

After getting Ministry’s approval, DG, DOF sends a prayer with a prescribed From to the Director General; Health & Consumers of EU.   

Step 5

Director General; Health & Consumers of EU submits to the EU Common Forum

Step 6

If Common Forum accepts the Application, applicant’s name/ID is uploaded in EU webpage.

Step 7

EU approval committee waits for 1 month if any objection arises.

Step 8

If there is no objection, EU approval committee approves the application.

Step 9

DOF informs the applicants through a letter to the regional office.


Approximate Processing Time for issuing the allotment : 2-3 months


Process Map


CategoryDepartment of Fisheries (DOF)

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