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Procedure NameRadiation Certificate

Category                                                             : Certificate

Renewal Frequency of the License             : Not required

Issuing Ministry                                                : Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC)


Incumbent Office:

Name: Atomic Energy Centre (AEC)
Address: Paramanu Bhaban, E-12/A, Agargaon
Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka 1207 
Phone: +88-02-8181846 (PABX)
Fax: +88-028181845, +88-02-8181842


Legal Basis of the certificate                        : Nuclear Safety and Radiation Control Rules -1993


Issuance of Radiation Certificate


Required documents



Customs forwarding letter






For personal use (An Application on Organization’s official Letter

Head requesting for Radiation test of the selected samples)   



Sample of the product



Process Steps

Step 1

Customs Authority sends sample to the Atomic Energy Centre for Radio Activity test along with a forwarding letter and copy of invoice and Bank draft   

Step 2

Atomic Energy Centre of BAEC tests the sample     

Step 3

After testing the sample Atomic Energy Centre of BAEC sends the report to the Customs Office


Official Time Limit

Maximum 1-3 days after submitting the sample


Process Map



On behalf of the Applicant (Importer) the Customs Authority initiates the process of getting the Radiation Certificate form the AEC. Without this Certificate, the Customs Office does not allow any product (Food Item) to get in Bangladesh


CategoryBangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC)

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This procedure apply to theses Measures.
Substance tolerance limits for milk powder, milk food and milk products Acceptable limits of radioactivity for milk powder, milk food and milk products is 95 bq of CS-137 per kilogram and that for other food items is 50bq of CS-137 per kilogram. The level of CS-137 in an item shall be calculated in the state it reaches the port without being liquefied, concentrated or processed. In case of local items, the level of CS-137 in an item shall be calculated in the state it is marketed. The highest acceptable limit of radioactivity levels may be revised by the government from time to time.
Permit required for radio-active materialThorium nitrate classifiable under H.S. Heading No. 28.34, all items including radio-active chemical/element & isotopes classifiable under H.S. Heading No. 28.44 to 28.46, X-ray including radiography or radiotherapy apparatus classifiable under H.S. Heading No.90.22 & H.S. Code No. 9022.19.00, 9022.21.00,9022.29.00 is importable only with prior permission from the Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission
Permit required for Nuclear Reactors & its parts Nuclear Reactors & its parts (H.S. Heading No. 84.01 & all H.S. Code No. classifiable under it) are importable by Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission only with the clearance of sponsoring Ministry.