28 Chapter 28 - Inorganic chemicals; organic or inorganic compounds of precious metals, of rare-earth metals, of radioactive elements or of isotopes

Sub Chapter
2811 Other inorganic acids and other inorganic oxygen compounds of non- metals.

Sub Heading
281119 -- Other

28111900 -- Other



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Country GroupGroup DescriptionActivityTariff RateUnitValid FromValid To
CDCustoms DutyImport10kg13-07-202031-12-9999
SDSupplementary DutyImport0kg13-07-202031-12-9999
VATValue Added TaxImport15kg13-07-202031-12-9999
AITAdvance Income TaxImport5kg13-07-202031-12-9999
RDRegulatory DutyImport0kg13-07-202031-12-9999
ATVAdvance Trade VATImport5kg13-07-202031-12-9999
EXDExport DutyExport0kg13-07-202031-12-9999



Name Type Agency Description Comments Law Validity
Technical Standard Certificate required to import Hydrogen cyanide Mandatory Technical Standard Bangladesh National Authority for Chemical Weapons Convention (BNACWC) Hydrogen cyanide shall be importable subject to the fulfillment of conditions inscribed in Chemical Weapon (Prohibition) Act 2006(Act XXXVII of 2006) and Enlistment Rules 2010 made under this Act. Technical Standard Certificate required to import Hydrogen cyanide Import Policy Order 2015-18 30-06-2018


Name Description Category View Procedure Detail with Relevant Forms
Chemical Product Import (Enrollment) Procedure Chemical Product Import (Enrollment) Procedure Procedure View